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      Our goal at Lila Moon is to provide a high-class, transparent, and a one-of-a-kind experience. An engagement ring and wedding band are some of the most sentimental things money can buy. Making a once-in-a-lifetime purchase like this with endless options can be daunting. That’s why we’re here to guide you.

      Do you know what carat diamond you want? Once you decide, what are you going to choose for the diamond’s color, clarity, and cut? Will you add accent stones? What precious metal do you want for the band? These questions are vital to creating the perfect bridal set, but for many, they’re simply overwhelming.

      Until recently, access to a breathtaking and swoon-worthy ring meant trusting a stranger at a national chain jewelry store for answers. We know there a million different options to choose from, and it is nearly impossible to know how the ring will look or feel until it is on your finger. At Lila Moon, we believe you should have the knowledge, tools, and options to create a ring perfect for you.

      Lila Moon is old-school custom jewelry creation with a modern twist. We offer build-your-own custom jewelry priced in real time in our catalog of designs and a mold kit to start the design process of a perfectly fitted wedding band. No matter what route you go, you make the decisions on every detail. No more waiting weeks for a drawing of your perfect ring. At Lila Moon, we take this an incredible step further. You can try on a replica of your ring before you buy it ensuring the fit and feel are perfect before your ring is made just for you. And whenever you have questions along the way, whether it’s before starting or mid-design, our expert consultants are just an email or phone call away. Congratulations on taking the next big step in your relationship of a lifetime!